About Us

Laura and Seans experience working and living in East Vancouver has allowed them to see a ton of homes, and as a result they know what buyers want and what sellers can command on the open market.
In order to provide their clientele with the best advice and service they asked themselves the only question that mattered: If we were selling our houses, what would we want from our Real Estate agents?

This is what they have come up with:
  • Day to day life is busy From start to finish the process should be simple, and seamless.
  • Where do you start? Its about considering the big picture while taking care of the small details. Thats why professional photography, measurements, staging, a lick of paint, and cleanup is included.
  • Right place, Right time Follow a transparent, time tested marketing strategy.
  • Can you hear me? We are all unique so we know its not only important to be listened to, but also understood.
  • What now - When you hire professionals, trained in the art of negotiation you wont be left in the dark looking for answers; youll have them.

Contact Us

Email: info at seanpatterson.ca
Address: 1250 Commercial Drive
Storefront phone: 604-258-8897
Sean's cellphone: 604-218-2528
Laura's cellphone: 604-657-6535
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Store Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: Open until noon
Saturday: closed


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